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Nueva reseña del álbum homónimo de INDOMIA por GBHBL

Album Review: Indomia – Indomia (Halim Music Records)

Indomia are a heavy metal band from Chile and this is their self-titled release out on now via Halim Music Records.
Taking inspiration from the classic metal of old, Indomia throw out all manner of chunky riffs, speedy tempos and wailing vocals to mixed results. Early on some of the more noticeable problems become clear as the vocals dominate a lot of the tracks.
The first couple of tracks fail to get any kind of spark going but just when things seem to be heading off the deep end, Factor Humano pulls it back a bit with a showcase of deep metal groove and guitar flair. Only let down by how long it goes on for.
Classic sounding heavy metal doesn’t always work well for 8-10 minutes at time which is probably the biggest issue with the album. Know to call it quits a couple of minutes before and we’d be talking a lot more positively about the likes of Oscura Torre, Poder en Las Sombras and Techodistantes.
There’s plenty of Idomia on show here as it brings 11 tracks to be enjoyed and enjoy most will. The shorter and punchier Nacion Reptil, Piel on Trance and Replicantes make their mark. It’s just a bit of a mild bruising rather then broken bones and red welts.

Indomia – Indomia Full Track Listing:

1. Ultimatum
2. Indomia
3. En Cenizas
4. Factor Humano
5. Nacion Reptil
6. Oscura Torre
7. Piel on Trance
8. Replicantes
9. Poder en las Sombras
10. Titeres Y Maquinas
11. Technodistantes

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